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We’re looking for clients we can grow with. Our success is based off you reaching your goals.

PPC Advertising

Facebook PPC
Google AdWords
Email Marketing

PPC (pay per click) advertising was designed is to reach out to quality clients with complete control. No more feeling like you have been left in the dark.

Website Development

WordPress Development
Search Engine Optimization
E-commerce Development

The internet is an amazingly complicated creature. Yes I said “creature”. It works almost as if it has a mind of its own; growing and getting smarter by the day. You need to have a website that is as enticing as it is simple and will bringing your clients to you; as well as, provide the necessary information that will turn any passerby into a customer. We work to develop a site that will work for you and help you leave your mark on the world wide web.

Film & Photography

Product Video
Social Media Video
Corporate Training

Need a way to send out a message but pictures and emails just won't cut it? Then it's time to pull out all the stops and create something that will tug at your client’s heart strings. Whether it's an exciting introduction to your kickstarter project or it’s an informational advertorial to bring new clients to your place of business. There are so many ways to reach clients but this can be one of the coolest by far!


Logo Design
Product Branding

Who are you? What does your business look like in your mind? Every good business, organization, or company needs a great logo to convey their identity. Are you an edgy new coffee shop whose clientele is as deep and rich as the coffee you serve, or are you the super professional financial advisor whose clients are attracted to the finer things in life? Your logo should express exactly what type of business you are, all while separating you from the crowd. Good thing we're great at logo creation.

Graphic Design

Marketing Collateral
Apparel Design
Web Ad's

Have you ever thought one day I’m going to learn Photoshop, only for that day to come and you realize that the learning curve for this program is pretty steep? This translates into a long frustrating ordeal rather than a fun time on the computer. This is why Birge Media Group specializes in turning your ideas and concepts into visual eye candy.

Realestate Marketing

Video Advertorials

Still taking photos with your phone? If you are a realtor or a home builder then it's vital that you promote your homes with the best photos and videos possible. Sell homes faster by showcasing your homes in the best light.
Birge Media Group

1. Define the problem

Simplicity is beautiful, so why don’t we keep work simple? Birge Media Group strives to keep the work between clients  and creator as simple as possible. We love meetings! Before we start any project we meet with our clients to discuss their needs and problems. We meet our clients  in person, over video conferences, and even over the phone. Although emails definitely have their place, we find that they lack the ability to convey information the way that personal contact can. We value our clients and want to make sure we get a clear vision of their needs.  After meeting, we then find where Birge Media Group fits in to solve their problems.

Birge Media Group

2. Develop the solution

Finally, we offer solutions for existing issues and client wishes all while keeping in mind that the future is a constant and our ideas and solutions should be timeless. Once our solutions are overviewed by the client and we’re given the big green, the fun starts! We create and work based off of the information we received in our initial meetings, then proof, and then work some more until the problem is solved and our client is happy. Our company is based off the idea of “Quality over Quantity”. Living your life to the fullest isn’t being able to eat a big mac once a day every day, but enjoying a delicious steak every once in awhile.