Joshua BIrge

The son of an amazing cook, awesome science teacher, and brother to a stupid smart sibling. Josh grew up in the lower Rio Grande Valley moving city to city building relationships and surrounding himself with business minded people. Introduced to digital media in his church, Josh decided at an early age that he was going to create something great! For most of his high school career Josh spent his time at home developing his technical skills knowing that they would be his ticket to a great future. His early years of college proved to be difficult due to the uncertainty of the future. This prompted him to take a break, step back, and think. In that time, cue the sappy love story, Josh met the love of his life and was inspired again! After tying the knot Josh decided that living safe would only lead to disappointment so… he jumped and took on one of the biggest most exciting risks in his life. Creating Birge Media Group, in early 2016, Josh strived to put himself in every one of his projects using his experience and tools as an extension of himself to solve problems and help people realize their goals.