Graphic Design

Design – Have you ever thought one day I’m going to learn Photoshop, only for that day to come and you realize that the learning curve for this program is pretty steep? This translates into a long frustrating ordeal rather than a fun time on the computer. This is why Birge Media Group specializes in turning your ideas and concepts into visual eye candy. From 2×3” inch business cards to 4×8’ foot political signs we have designed it all. Our experience aids us in the overall polished look and the amount of time it takes us to finalize a project. We can help your frustrating ordeal just disappear.

Apparel – One of the best ways to market yourself is… on yourself! Creating a fresh new T-Shirt design is just another form of marketing for your business and can be the perfect conversation starter. Wearing your custom branding isn’t only smart but you always look cool doing it!

Monthly Design Service – Worrying about how you are going to promote your next big event or special can be a daunting task in itself, let alone having to creating the marketing collateral for it. This is a constant situation in any business because you’re likely striving to continuously catch the attention of your clients with new and fresh designs. So we offer a monthly design service that encapsulates pretty much whatever your business will need to grab a client’s attention time and time again.

Graphic Design Services

  • Marketing Collateral
  • Apparel Design
  • Web Ad’s